Writing Commons


November 2022: Writing Commons is back for the 2022-2023 academic year.

More information forthcoming. For further questions, please contact Jill Dianne Dombroski.


Writing Commons is an intellectual space where graduate students receive writing support. Our goal is to help graduate students become a confident, creative, and improved writer.

The Writing Commons provides writing help to graduate students.   

What we do
We provide one-on-one writing consultations to help you to:

  • develop writing projects at any stage of the composing process
  • revise your papers and other writing-related assignments
  • provide feedback on your writing projects (e.g., papers, presentations, and proposals)

What you do
To efficiently help you, for each session, you are expected to be well-prepared by:

  • bringing your writing drafts or writing plans
  • providing details about your writing projects
  • clarifying your writing concerns

How we help you 

  • Online one-on-one consultation appointments (25 minutes to 50 minutes)
  • Writing appointments are allotted based on availability and on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Writing appointments are always in high demand, please make your appointment well in advance.

How we help you
To respect and adhere to Western’s related policies, please follow the following rules:

  • You are the one to write your paper; we will not write any paper for you.
  • We do not provide any editing or proofreading service.
  • To ensure fairness and accessibility, you should book no more than 2 online appointments (i.e., 50 minutes in total) per week.
  • Please only inquire about your own writing. Please keep in mind that any violation against Western academic regulations will not be permitted and tolerated.
  • About any course-specific questions, your course instructor will be the appropriate one to contact.

There are a variety of valuable resources you can refer to during your academic writing. We encourage you to explore conventions about academic English writing in our field. The following are the links that may help you: