Curriculum Studies & Ecological Justice 101


NEXT MEETING: Sounds of the Curriculum, Sounds of (IN)Justice: Feb 23 1-3pm Eastern with artist and PhD student Malvika Agarwal 

March 23, 2023 @ 2–4pm

Collective Repairs  

We will collectively intertwine, through careful stitching on textiles, the concepts, ideas, thoughts and affects embedded within climate coloniality. If you have an ongoing stitching project, feel free to bring it. Otherwise, we will supply the materials for this gathering

April 20, 2023 @ 2–4pm

Sketching Together

We will engage in a series of collective sketching experimentations as we consider relationship to place. We will supply the materials for this gathering.

May 25, 2023 @ 2–4pm

Writing as a Collective

This event will focus on building concepts in the process of working with words as a collective.

Past meetings & notes

A resource to conside: Graduate Seminar: Urgent Topics in Climate & Environmental Justice Education @ College of Education, University of Washington: "Working through perspectives of care, wellbeing, and equity, the participants in this graduate seminar will collectively inquire into how climate and environmental justice can be promoted through varied contexts of education. Over the term, we will explore topics, exemplars, and possibilities of interest and obligation to our learning community. We have chosen to make our collaborative activities public online in order to invite others into this learning experience with us. In the interest of helping cultivate broader awareness and engagement in these efforts, please make use of these resources as you would like." (more inforamtion and resources can be found on the seminar's website)

From: Songs of School Abolition by Aaron Clarke, 2022:



How can we think revolution and abolition together? 







Let’s talk about dangerous things

Provoking different conversations

How do we connect to the community?

Can we (ever) transform things in a comfortable way?

Politics of refusal: take a stand against


Disruption on multiple scales and temporalities

What is our memory? We have heroes, but we don’t inherit.

Consumption, accumulation, extraction


Who/what are the witnesses? Who/what are the experts? How might we face the evidence?